Do you recommend Airmail or Courier?


London, UK

Last updated on Jul 17, 2021

Posted on Jul 1, 2021

For most international shipments, we recommend choosing Courier. Although it can cost a little more, Courier shipments are always assigned a tracking number so you can track your order on its journey to you. Most countries’ DHL Express providers will also contact you in the event there are customs delays or delivery problems. Airmail shipments are transferred from the United States Postal Service to your local postal service or delivery carrier. The level of service this method of shipping provides is very basic and does not include transit alerts or delivery progress of your package. This means that if your package gets lost in transit or stuck in customs, notifications of these events are seldom and at the total discretion of your postal service. Courier is the recommended shipping method for orders higher in quantity and cost. Please be aware that some countries may not allow airmail shipments of large-sized items, so Courier is also recommended when ordering banners, banner stands, and meeting signs.

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